alpa 10d w/ kern macro switar 50mm f/1.9

Brand: Alpa
Serial Number: 55404
Condition (appearance): B+
Condition (Optical): A-
Item Included: front cap, hood, filter
Product ID: DZ0069
product description

The Alpa 10D is a classic manual 35mm SLR. Hand built in small quantities, they are renowned for the uncompromising build quality and the sourcing of finest lens to serve as your trustworthy companion. First produced in 1968 for Alpa cameras, the Kern-Macro-Switar 50mm f/1.9 AR is an apochromatic lens with an effective 1.8x magnification at 28mm which enables macro photography with incredible sharpness. It also features ‘Visifocus’, a handy way to represent focal range with a series of orange dots as the aperture ring is turned.