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Angelo Pelle Wrist Strap, SL - Safari Green

HK$ 780
Brand: Angelo Pelle
Condition (appearance): New
product description

ANGELO PELLE wrist strap for LEICA SL 601 and LEICA S. soft leather, 2cm large, special suite for SL and S. This type of natural tanning process uses tannin extracted from plants (mimosa, chestnut, quebracho, tara, etc, etc). Vegetable tannage is a very old procedure dating back to the prehistoric period, a very slow process that is considered an art. The formulas used by each Tuscan tannery is a well-kept secret, a result of a careful blending of Tuscan culture and knowledge, passed down through the years from father to son. Each skin is unique - this uniqueness means that it does not have a uniform appearance, which represents the leather quality. The exclusive material is subject to the same wear as the person who uses our half cases, the skin will gradually acquire that worn look who every person gets with life. Vegetable-tanned leather absorbs the traces of our life, it matures, it tans under the sun, it reveals the signs of time and use as the most personal expression of naturalness and truth.