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<Black Paint Leica> book

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400-page book titled <black paint leica>, written by douglas so.

“i hope that the book would become a useful reference to leica lovers around the world,” explains douglas.  another highlight is the stunning beauty of the photos on black paint leica items which merits the attention of a wider audience.

"Douglas's book is beautifully presented with a textured soft cover, 8 x 10 format, with approximately 400 pages of content. The high quality images are artfully composed and lit, with overall images of the pieces themselves, along with close-up images with details of special interest. I can highly recommend Black Paint Leica, and it is a must have for your Leica library if you share the fascination of black paint Leicas." A book review by Bill Rosauer, past President of the Leica Historical Society of America (LHSA) and current editor of Viewfinder.

"I have to admit that the quality of the photographs and the unusual angles / close ups are just out of this world. Black Leicas are very very difficult to photograph at the best of times but the shots in the book even show the enamel bubbles. The early black screw mount are even more difficult to photograph due to the high gloss of the black enamel. The unusual angles of most of the shots somehow bring the Leica to life; one has the impression that one is actually holding the item." Paul-Henry Van Hasbroeck, Renowned Leica expert and author.

Language - English

ISBN: 978-988-78582-1-8