6 Jun 2020
Douglas So: A Collector's Love Story
Douglas So: A Collector's Love Story

Vintage in general is trending, and vintage cameras are getting more and more popular. They can be found in every flea market and especially young people are showing a great interest. Enthusiasts are looking out for these special and rare pieces, not only because of their value but also because of nostalgic reasons and a certain individuality that can be gained by owning one. Douglas So from Hong Kong is one of the greatest enthusiasts and has been collecting cameras for almost 20 years. With his initiatives he is not only promoting photography, but encouraging heritage conservation. At the F11 Foto Museum and f22 foto space - which he is the founder of - he gave us a glimpse of his collection and explained why collecting to him is much more than just buying.

Douglas was very lucky to acquire an MP camera, previously owned by Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin at one of Leica`s auctions. This camera is not just famous because of its former owner, but also because it’s the first MP camera ever produced.

Collecting means that you get to know what you are buying.

Douglas So gets a very good understanding through reading. There is a lot of literature, which beginners should study carefully, to be able to differentiate between what is genuine and what is not.

The joy in the end comes from sharing what you know. The fact that lots of cameras belonged to famous photographers is what attracts Douglas` attention. One of his favorite ones was owned by Ian Berry and shows beautifully, how well the camera has been used.
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