hasselblad xpan w/ hasselblad 45mm f/4

Brand: Hasselblad
Serial Number: 11sv22603
Condition (appearance): A-
Condition (Optical): A
Item Included: hood, front cap
Product ID: DZ0043
product description

The Hasselblad XPan is a film camera which embodies innovation and quality. In total there were about 16,800 XPan cameras produced between 1998 and 2002. XPan provides the advantage of the 35mm format but also the ability to swiftly change to full panorama format without having to change the film, that is full panorama 24x65mm format in addition to the conventional 24x36mm format using the exact same film. It was the first dual-format 35mm camera on the market that expanded the format instead of masking it.