10 Aug 2018
Leica Elpro 52

The Leica Elpro 52 Close-up Attachment for Leica M- and TL-Lenses enables macro photography in extraordinarily high quality.

With Leica Elpro 52, Leica Camera AG has expanded its portfolio of accessories with a new close-up attachment that extends the capabilities of selected Leica M- and TL-Lenses to include macro photography.

The optical construction of the Leica Elpro 52 comprises two cemented lens elements with anti-reflex multicoating and the attachment is designed to be screwed into the filter thread of the lens. The attachment reduces the close focus distance and the considerably increased reproduction ratio enables impressively detailed close-up images in exceptional quality. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, the overall handling of the lens remains unaffected when the attachment is mounted.

The Leica Elpro 52 is on sale now. The Elpro 52 is supplied complete with two stepping ring adapters for 46 mm and 49 mm filter threads, which allow the attachment to be mounted on more than 20 different Leica M- and TL-Lenses.





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