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Leica iiib Luftwaffen-Eigentum with Elmar 50mm f/3.5

HK$ 45,000
Brand: Leica
Production Code: ARHOO
Serial Number: 346674
Year of Production: 1939-40
Condition (appearance): A-
Condition (Optical): A-
Product ID: BZ0106
product description

the first Leica to have the combined viewfinder/rangefinder eyepiece, the diopter correction lever for the rangefinder was moved to a different location under the rewind knob. only several thousand units were made for the Luftwaffen. "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" stamped on vulcanite, indicates German air force's property during the WWII. Elmar 50mm f/3.5 was the lens that started 35mm photography. weighs only half as much as a SUMMICRON, has no distortion or finder blockage. 4 elements 3 groups.