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Leica M 100 Edition Set (1919)

HK$ 598,000
Brand: Leica
Production Code: 10794
Serial Number: 4811919
Year of Production: 2014
Condition (appearance): New
Item Included: Full Packing
Product ID: BL0015
product description

the leica m edition 100 is a beautiful celebration of the leica camera’s 100th anniversary. to commemorate this special occasion leica released 101 special edition sets, each bearing a unique serial number that ends with four digits of a specific year between 1914-2014. this set comprises a mechanical rangefinder leica m-a film camera and a full-frame leica m- monochrome digital camera, together with three summilux-m lenses in the focal lengths of 28, 35, and 50mm, and this is the first time that solid stainless steel was employed for the visible metallic elements of Leica products. the custom rimowa aluminium case is a stylish collectible in itself.