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Leica M3 Prototype Nr. 0025

Brand: Leica
Production Code: 0025
Serial Number: 0025
Year of Production: 1953
Condition (appearance): A-
Condition (Optical): A-
Item Included: Front Cap
Product ID: EZ0010
product description

This camera is a rare functioning Leica M3 prototype in 1953. A total of 65 such prototype cameras were produced for testing purposes this specimen exhibits several experimental features such as different film advance lever design, external frame counter, and angled edges around the exterior, all of which differ from the production model. The top and bottom plates of the camera have been rechromed, and the back door is from a later version. The camera is in excellent condition and comes with an early screw-mount Summicron 5cm f/2 lens adapted to bayonet mount.