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nikon sp limited edition 2005 Set

HK$ 33,800
Brand: Nikon
Serial Number: 1400
Year of Production: 2005
Condition (appearance): A
Condition (Optical): A
Item Included: full package
Product ID: DZ0053
product description

The Nikon SP Limited Edition was launched in the year 2005, limited to just 2,500 production units and is paired with an exceptional W-Nikkor-C 35mm f/1.8 lens. 

This special model comes in sequential serial numbers from SP 0001 (this first unit is in a Japanese camera museum) to SP 2500, and corresponding numbers appear in each camera’s accompanying lens.  This system was sold only in the Japanese market directly by Nikon, bypassing the usual Nikon dealers and through a lottery system.

Many consider this model as Nikon's best film camera. It has the most sophisticated rangefinder that Nikon has ever built, handcrafted with modern materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

Camera and lens in mint condition.