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Watch With Wonder by Palani Mohan

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Production Code: LIBRO-PM-WWW
Serial Number: 978-988-8842-82-7
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The distant rustle of a tusker emerging one morning from the forests of Nepal. The crack of the shifting expanses of ice in northern Mongolia. The swirl of mist around a lantern atop Hong Kong Island. The squeaky whistle of diving kites over the holy waters of Varanasi. Black clouds carrying sleet over the rock country of Australia. Men with their eagles on horseback singing love songs as they ride through tall grasslands. Watch with Wonder collects these and many other images in this thought-provoking book that studies stillness and reflection. From the bushlands of Australia to the frozen lakes of Mongolia to the deserts of the Middle East, Palani Mohan offers a personal look at places of silence and space, where the viewer is invited to pause, slow down, and look.